Spiritual Fitness

We have been increasingly concerned and committed to physical fitness, diet fitness, emotional fitness, even financial fitness. All of these endeavors are, of course, not only important, but crucial for our well-being. However, have we been including spiritual[more]

Clearing Karma — Our Life’s Purpose

The Law of Karma states that the universe, AND ALL OF HER INHABITANTS, must remain in balance. Let’s face it, without a law of balance, the universe would go unstable and fall apart! Balance actually means all is in a flow for the highest and best for al[more]

Dreams as Our Teacher

Dreams are one of the most intriguing and confusing aspects of the human experience.  Dreaming can be described as images and imagery, thoughts, sounds, voices, and subjective sensations experienced when we sleep. Are our dreams real? imagined? our sub-consci[more]

How and Why to Smudge Your Home

Smudging is the common name given to the sacred smoke bowl blessing. Smudging with sage is a powerful cleansing technique from the Native North American Tradition. Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balan[more]

Past Life Therapy – the best psychotherapy

An article by C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D I just learned of the death of Denys Kelsey, the Patriarch of Past Life Therapy. In 1974 I had the great fortune to have a past life therapy session with Denys Kelsey, at a time when his wife, Joan Grant, was still al[more]

Trends and Predictions for the Future

The following are situations and changes I intuitively “see” or have channeled that will come forth in our lifetime. In the intuitive world, time frames are very difficult to predict, therefore I have not limited what I sense, feel and “see&#[more]

Women’s Intuition – emerging awareness for us all

What is intuition? Is it real? Is women’s intuition a fact, a reality, or a trumped up catch-all for a reason beyond reason? 
This label of “a woman’s intuition” has been scorned, scoffed at, blamed, credited, admired, dissected, beli[more]

What is the Reiki Attunement?

The Reiki Attunement is only able to be given by a Reiki Master. The Reiki Master is able to work with the student’s aura energy field. With the use of the proper reiki symbols and the form and direction, the Reiki Master opens up the aura field and infuses [more]

Career Success Through Intuition – 5 Easy Steps Towards Attracting a New Job Or Career

“The only really valuable thing is intuition.” -Albert Einstein Intuition is simply the state of knowing something without being aware that you know it, and Albert Einstein taught that intuition is the ONLY really valuable thing in the universe! It is a no[more]

How to Use Intuition to Change Your Career – 7 Steps to Combining Logic and Intuition

“The Intuitive mind will tell the thinking mind where to look next!” -Dr Jonas Salk Our career is one of the most important decisions we make, yet many people complain about their jobs, not knowing what other choices they may have, or how to change the dir[more]

Clearing Karma towards healthy relationships

My instant karmic “Aha”  moment is still as vivid, clear and panoramic now as it was 20 years ago. This life-changing event, a huge  cosmic 2×4, was my karmic metamorphosis  from “the old me” to the “new me”.. Karma can be explained by the [more]

Psychic Reader or Intuitive Counselor:   What’s the difference?

An interview by Nancy Laine, Numerologist for TokenRock.com… In my recent interview with Marcella Zinner, a well-known Intuitive Counselor from the Tampa Bay area of Florida, we discussed the difference between psychics and intuitive counselors, and how [more]

The Magic of Manifestation – how to attract your greatest desires easily, quickly and joyfully

Manifestation is the result of creation – and creation is born in our thoughts. We manifest what we think about and the creation is not random — there is an energy force behind it. The pathway that thought energy travels is desire, intent, clarity [more]

What is Medical Intuition?

Generally speaking, medical intuition is the utilization of a focused, intuitive (psychic) ability to feel, sense, or “intuitively see” the energetic and frequency information in and around the human body. The talent to use these intuitive skills c[more]

The Practical Daily Life Meaning of Intuition, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience

We all have an intuitive nature. It is our first instinct, our “gut reaction”, our feelings about others, and our “knowingness”.  Our intuition is somewhat like any other muscle in our body — it strengthens with use and disciplin[more]

Gratitude, its magical energy of change

Gratitude is a magical method of achieving a complete transformation in one’s life and circumstances!  The very act and thought of giving thanks in gratitude changes us and all that is around us. Gratitude is an energy thought process within us that is crea[more]

What is Karma? How do we change it?

Karma is often viewed as an Oriental concept that entails past lives in which good and bad actions result in good and bad luck. This is usually understood to mean that if I hurt someone in a past life, then I will have bad luck in this life. However, karma is [more]

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"I have found only one intuitive counselor who is free of negative energies and embodies positives qualities. Marcella Zinner is pure of heart and sound of mind. Her ethics are unquestionable and her accuracy is uncanny.

She is funny, she is kind, she is practical and… she is gentle.

Her readings are full of love and free of ego. She is truly a gifted wise woman to whom I and many shall be eternally grateful."

Business Owner
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"My experience with Marcella was extraordinary, if that is the right word to use, because it was beyond that. Her intuitive reading was uncannily accurate and precise. It was as if she knew my entire life history.

The best part of all I did not have to say a word much of the time or answer a lot of questions. It was the most relaxing session I had encoun-tered. You can literally feel the love with her."
Writer in Florida

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"Marcella Zinner creates a space that is safe, loving, and honoring of my spirit. My spiritual growth goes through major spurts when I have sessions with Marcella. I seek Marcella for counsel for my health, my family, my business, past life regression, communication with my spirit guides, and growth, to name a few.

I trust her implicitly, not only because she is so accurate without me saying much, but because of her loving caring spirit that opens her arms to me and lets me know I can be everything I choose to be."
Acupuncture Physician, 

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