What is Reiki?

“Rei” meaning universal and “ki” or energy, is an energetic system of healing which utilizes attunements to enable the student to effectively channel the universal life force. Attunement means that through the energetic manipulations of the person’s aura, a Master may unlock or otherwise enable a person’s ability to channel Reiki (universal energy) through them. This Reiki energy does not require any of the practitioner’s personal energy, nor can it ever be used in any way other than in a beneficial manner or effect, in other words, Reiki never exhausts person. It is similar to a radio and its antenna – that is, the energy comes through the antenna and passes through with no effect on the instrument. In fact, residual beneficial energy, because it is healing energy, will heal the practitioner as well as the person receiving the Reiki. The energy comes down through the crown chakra and out the palms of the Reiki practitioner.

Only a Master, because they have received the Master attunements, can bestow attunements, and the ability to pass attunements. Attunements are termed this because they essentially “attune” a person to the frequency and vibration of the Reiki or universal life force, thus enabling the person to attune to the Reiki and pass it through them. Reiki can be used for present (hands -on) or distant (absent) healing, and it heals on the physical mental and emotional as well as spiritual levels.

There are three levels of Reiki: I, II and Master. Basically, the beginning Reiki I practitioner is taught to heal (hands-on) and to do self healing. Reiki II involves sacred symbols, which are used to enhance healing (hands-on) and also to accomplish distant healing. The Master level is for those who may be interested in teaching and passing attunements. Reiki at all levels will enhance your spiritual growth.

There are at least three and possibly four main areas or organizations or schools of Reiki. In broad terms there is traditional Usui, non-traditional, spin-offs, ancient forms and others. Reiki is part of the ancient knowledge of the Tibetan Buddhists. Reiki may have been taught in Lemuria and later, Atlantis. It’s origins are really hazy, but probably those who left us the Vedas and texts in India may have been the earliest recorded knowledge of this ancient healing art. It is said that this energy is similar to that which was exhibited in healings by Jesus and other sainted personages.

Our belief is that Reiki is both an ability and a gift which lies within each of us. It is only waiting to be unlocked and shared.


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