Sage & more…

Marcella’s Mt. Shasta Sage is for clearing negative energies out of your space and allow in new positive energies.

Saging is an old Native American custom of burning sage in a fireproof container or abalone shell in and around your environment. This creates a mild smoke which is healing and clearing – sweeping out the unwanted energies. Miracles do happen when one begins to sage either yourself or your environment.

Mt. Shasta sage is great for alignment and preparation for healing sessions or for meditation.

Mt. Shasta sage is very special and rare because it comes from the high energy vortex of the famous and spiritual mountain of Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

Tied into a wand for your convenience.

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Price: $6.50

Click here for directions on how to use smudge for clearing

Intuitive Development Kit

All the items you need to enhance and develop your intuition in one convenient kit!

  • Sage from the high spiritual energy vortex of Mt. Shasta, CA. Use for clearing yourself and your space in preparation for your intuitive development meditation.
  • Third eye intuitive opening oil. Apply on your 3rd eye (mid-forehead), under your nostril and on your palms. Lifts your ability to be open to awareness of sensing and feeling and energies.
  • Marcella’s spoken step-by-step meditations CD to awaken your intuition, meet your Spirit Guides and past life releasement.

Includes Instruction Cards and packaged in a very lovely purple organza bag.

Price: $38.00
Price includes shipping.