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Career Success Through Intuition – 5 Easy Steps Towards Attracting a New Job Or Career


“The only really valuable thing is intuition.” -Albert Einstein Intuition is simply the state of knowing something without being aware that you know it, and Albert Einstein taught that intuition is the ONLY really valuable thing in the universe! It is a non-thought that bypasses the process of thinking, an inner knowing that comes from…

The Magic of Manifestation – how to attract your greatest desires easily, quickly and joyfully


Manifestation is the result of creation – and creation is born in our thoughts. We manifest what we think about and the creation is not random — there is an energy force behind it. The pathway that thought energy travels is desire, intent, clarity and action. Our feelings are the unseen, yet powerful, force behind…

Gratitude, its magical energy of change


Gratitude is a magical method of achieving a complete transformation in one’s life and circumstances!  The very act and thought of giving thanks in gratitude changes us and all that is around us. Gratitude is an energy thought process within us that is creative and changing. This gratitude energy generates an astonishing power of feelings…