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Past Life Therapy – the best psychotherapy


An article by C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D I just learned of the death of Denys Kelsey, the Patriarch of Past Life Therapy. In 1974 I had the great fortune to have a past life therapy session with Denys Kelsey, at a time when his wife, Joan Grant, was still alive. Having done many hundreds…

Clearing Karma towards healthy relationships


My instant karmic “Aha”  moment is still as vivid, clear and panoramic now as it was 20 years ago. This life-changing event, a huge  cosmic 2×4, was my karmic metamorphosis  from “the old me” to the “new me”.. Karma can be explained by the natural universal laws of the Universe that apply to everyone. It…

What is Karma? How do we change it?


Karma is often viewed as an Oriental concept that entails past lives in which good and bad actions result in good and bad luck. This is usually understood to mean that if I hurt someone in a past life, then I will have bad luck in this life. However, karma is actually one’s consciousness. Our…