Trends and Predictions for the Future

Crystal ball

Crystal ballThe following are situations and changes I intuitively “see” or have channeled that will come forth in our lifetime. In the intuitive world, time frames are very difficult to predict, therefore I have not limited what I sense, feel and “see” for just this year. I will not attempt to focus on specific time frames for these topics but rather provide, via my clairvoyant intuitive nature, what I sense, see and feel. What follows are not my personal opinions or beliefs.

1. I “see” a myriad of changes and new frontiers in health, medicine and alternative healthcare for our future experiences. They will have dramatic impacts to all areas or our lives – health, employment, economic, financial, an spiritual. I sense in the next 5 – 10 years the fields of alternative health, well-being and medicine will change drastically in all areas – prescriptive medicines, procedures, longevity and general overall well-being. Amazing breakthroughs in creating and maintaining health, disease control, chronic health challenges and degenerative physical and mental conditions will emerge as technology meets the natural organic approach to nurturing which will be supporting life – as well as enhancing life to its fullest potential!

I “see” that medical care will become more personalized with a custom tailored approach to assist in the treatment, healing and well being of patients. There will be even more focus on longevity with standard western medical doctors because of the interest and demand. For a great majority of diseases and symptoms, doctors will begin to be able to approach each patient with individualized protocol information. There will be blood tests, mitochondrial cellular biopsies, DNA tests as well as medical intuitive practitioners for patients before the disease is diagnosed. This will allow a more precise detailed and personal individualized diagnosis. Doctors’ offices will be equipped with highly technological computerized and digital equipment, that will quickly and efficiently reveal what the body needs, body excesses and body imbalances and where these originate. This will automatically be put through a computerized data bank which will assimilate all the information and come up with a detailed method of treatment. The treatments will also include alternative methods of treatment such as acupuncture, massage, energy medicine and other therapies. Prescriptions will include a variety of medicines formulated especially for the patient according to age, sex, weight and severity of the problem. These will include herbal formulations, supplements as well as prescriptions. There will be an automatic allergy and tolerance application so as to avoid any side effects or adverse reactions.

The doctors’ offices will change dramatically in the future because of the new methods of treatments. Since doctors are in such high demand and have such heavy patient loads, the general office visits will be done by nurses, practioners, energy medicine doctors, medical intuitives and other highly trained medical staff to assist in the evaluation of patients. This will create a new level of nursing and other positions in the medical field that will incorporate medicine and technology. Many will become as qualified as doctors in certain specific areas only. These levels of professionals will take the place of much of what doctors have routinely been doing in offices. However, this will be extremely specialized. These new nurse specialties will be much like a doctor’s assistant requiring more education and specialized training. This will also involve highly technical computerized skills. This will become one of the most needed and highly paid professions of the future. Therefore, doctors will become even more specialized with their skills. They will practice more in hospitals and clinics. Doctors office’s will become more like centers offering 24/7 care which will include a variety of modalities including medical intuitives, energy therapies and alternative treatments. Emergency rooms of hospitals will become highly computerized centers that will be able to offer the finest of surgical and life saving abilities. Organs will be kept on site for immediate use. ER will be a hub of the most advanced medical and computerized facilities offering fine skills of many kinds of medical and alternative treatments. 

There will be financial incentives, for those who donate their organs.

Insurance companies of the future will be centers of resources.

 Pharmaceutical companies will suffer greatly due to lawsuits. Some of these will be due to improper suggestions to prescribe drugs, or push certain drugs for gain and profit. Kickbacks and favoring doctors with gifts or other financial incentives will be a news breaking uproar. This will be the beginning of the clean-out of the powerful pharmaceuticals companies. Major changes will occur. 

Pharmaceutical companies will then become more involved in the alternative supplement and herbal market. This will cause shifts and changes in costs and availability. This is due to the demand and need for better quality and more effective treatments. However, I do see a time when certain supplements will be covered by insurance.

The dispensing of drugs will no longer be mainly done by pharmacists. This will become an automated system which will be connected with the healing centers. The computerized methods will also dispense what medications or supplements a patient needs at the time of diagnosis. This will be a much more efficient method of health care. I see this as a necessity due to population growth and demand. This shift will necessitate new training and education which will, in turn, create many new types of jobs and careers.

Major health concerns such as cancer will diminish considerably due to breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatments which will stem from ancient methods of healing. The treatment of diabetes will shift to one of immediate detox, cleanse and re-application of blood supply for the patient. Treatment of the liver will be paramount.

Emotional and mental challenges will be a standard evaluation for children which will enable early detection and treatment. These treatments will include a form of self-directed computer assistance. Birth defects will be detected and treated in embryo. Immunizations will become completely different from what we know now. There will come a time when immunizations will be non-existent. Other forms of protecting the body will be safer and non-toxic.

 Gerontology – old age – will require the most focus and assistance. Therefore, there will be large complexes for housing, care, exercise, research and work. Since people will be living better and longer lives, this older generation will be working and contributing to the care of children as well as each other. Great creativity, wisdom, and insight from these individuals will produce classic literature, paintings, art, music and movies as the wellspring of experience, knowledge and perception emerge from this unique generation as they have literally “seen it all”!

2. This next area of trends and predictions I intuitively “see”, sense and feel for our future are related to our relationships. The changes and discoveries in our relationships – what we leave behind and what we will grasp onto – come from our past history as Americans. Our past lives have shown how we are always seeking new ways to be, new ways to love and new ways to come together. We, as Americans, seem to crave relationships in unique ways, different from our forefathers & foremothers. Our pioneering spirit will continue to create and support new, better, and healthier relationships. We will demand and establish our own individual needs and parameters. Reasons and methods that form our future relationships will revolve around our emotional fulfillments and connection. Instead of the old fashioned way of chemistry attraction, looks and enjoyment that brings people together, it will be of utmost interest for the youth to establish compatibility, specific individual reasons and a more logical approach to uniting together. I see professions and services flourishing that will assist in the procurement of more compatible and advantageous selection. This type of mate selection will be more encompassing with access to the worldwide populations than the historic selection of proximity, sexual chemistry, and/or financial advantages. This will prove to be a very harmonious mate selection uniting the people of the planet. New traditions and mores will be created along with treasuring the old indigenous beliefs.

A truly new world of peace, joy and harmony.

 Religions and spiritual beliefs will be the basis and mainstay of these unions – like attracts like. The Law of Attraction at work.

However, there will be a segment of the younger generation that will unite together in relationships for specific procreation attributes. These will be established as arrangements to further the gene pool of outstanding, rare talents, skills, abilities and intelligence. Even though this is an elective procreation, there will be incentives in order to establish a super race. Again this will be a global community. This will be an accepted form of marriage with due respect and understanding as other forms of marriage. (Remember, these are not my opinions or recommendations).

 The uniting of same sex couples will be a non issue – this will become a matter of course. Unions of many couples will be accepted and acknowledged both in the religious realm as well as the political realm. Just as the difficulties of the civil rights movement precipitated changes and acceptance – same sex marriages will become accepted and understood. As we usher in our bi-racial President, Barack Obama, Americans will show the world how we are willing to adjust and change for the good of humanity. Americans will once again be the leaders for change and compassion.

 Political persuasions will become a global influence instead of territorial guardianship.

The changes in relationships that I “see” and the advancement in emotional and physical health care that I “see” have dramatic positive effects on our political and governing systems, our social services, our educational opportunities, our ways of living and working. All of these changes will have many profound beneficial impacts on our financial systems, our base of employment opportunities, new and attainable jobs, our level of income and our lifestyle.

I “see” the financial upswing begin to occur in pockets and areas of the country. I sense and feel new jobs opening up. Even though these jobs will be slight beginnings, they will lead to more higher level and higher paying positions. Not all over the country but in significant areas. I sense and feel our new administration will operate with a careful and watchful eye as to the bailouts and who gets what. I do not “see” all of these being successful. I do see the automotive industry changing and becoming more of a central manufacturing with widespread plants all over the country thus providing many new jobs. I do not see an immediate shift in the stock market – more like ups and downs for the majority of 2009. I do see a strong rally and a sturdy base begin to emerge for the stock market early 2010. The housing market in Florida will see dips and surges well into the balance of ’09. Florida Real Estate will rally in a better way in Jan 2010 – slowly yet with a more steady base. Florida real estate will begin to shift towards providing services since this state will begin to shift more and more towards being the basis for establishing centers for the older generations. The housing market will change to reflect this as well as provide unique housing to support these centers.

3. All of these areas I just discussed will influence our spiritual consciousness. We will become more aware, more “plugged in” to our feelings and emotions and what is in the best interest of the whole or group as well as personally. This, in turn, will impact our spiritual beliefs and practices. Religion will begin to slightly adjust to spirituality. Changes in health care and changes in relationships directly affect our spiritual consciousness. Because it is directly affecting humanity and how we “are”- our being-ness in the world – we create our spiritual consciousness.

This is not to say that there will not be specific groups arguing and fighting for their personal beliefs and customs to be kept intact and respected. Fighting will continue in areas as the territories and lines of personal ego, greed and power continue to have a strong hold on people and nations. This will be another unique time in the history of the United States as we separate from interfering in the purpose of uniting. I do see these changes trickling into our fabric of democracy and humanity in 2009.

 Finally, we will be called upon to become, once again, examples and leaders of love, compassion, peace and unity. The world will be watching our moves, our changes and our results. It is time for us to measure up to what God has given us and what God expects of us.

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Even though there are moments of sadness and grieving for all the “could have beens”, I know that he is indeed, in a truly good place ~ because of you.