Career Success Through Intuition – 5 Easy Steps Towards Attracting a New Job Or Career

“The only really valuable thing is intuition.”

-Albert Einstein

Intuition is simply the state of knowing something without being aware that you know it, and Albert Einstein taught that intuition is the ONLY really valuable thing in the universe! It is a non-thought that bypasses the process of thinking, an inner knowing that comes from the superconscious mind, unclouded by the subconscious belief system.

And yes, we all have an intuitive nature. It is our “first instinct”, our “gut reaction”, our “feelings” and our “knowingness.” Many of us experience this intuitive part of ourselves in our body as a sensing or feeling. We feel something, either a good feeling or a not-so-good feeling. Others describe their intuitive nature as “just a knowing”.

Einstein used his intuitive sense to solve complicated theories. Thomas Edison was known to access his intuitive subconscious with short naps which gave him creative inspirations for his inventions, his intuitive seeing.

We can all access our intuitive nature. It can help us and guide us to not only discover what we really want, but also to facilitate the manifestation of that desire. This internal guidance system within us works to attract that which we desire and what we focus on.
This is also known as The Law of Attraction, and it is a demonstration of how we create things, events and people in our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions literally produce energies which in turn attract “like energies”, so it should not come as any surprise that we can begin to attract a new career or job by first feeling the desire for another career.

Our intuition will be our guidepost of feeling and sensing, so it is crucial to keep this “desire” a positive one of attracting what we DO want instead of a negative one of what weDO NOT want (for instance, our current job).

We simply start by focusing on all the qualities and aspects of what we do want by writing it all down, getting clear and specific. Then our desire will alert our intuition and put us in touch with our internal feelings, which will create that energetic attraction.

We continue by allowing our senses and intuition to surface as we feel, sense and imagine each day, filled with the expectation that that which we desire and deserve is already on its way to us. Our intuition will assist in banishing our doubts of “deservability” with a constant monitoring of our feelings, thoughts, words and actions towards that which we deserve, expect and desire.

As we manage our minds, we will find that our intuition takes over and provides confidence that we are ready, able and willing to allow and attract the next career move that is right for us.

Here are five easy steps towards using intuition to attract a new job or career:

  1. INTEREST — We think of things that give us joy, pleasure, fulfillment and satisfaction. This is “Intuitive Feeling”.
  2. ATTENTION — As we direct our attention to our interests, this magnetizes our power of attraction which draws it to us. We use our intention to focus towards that which is our attention. This is “Intuitive Sensing”.
  3. IMAGINATION — We imagine it in detail. Seeing, sensing, feeling, and believing creates the energy of attraction. This is “Intuitive Seeing”.
  4. ACTION — This is the energy that moves us forward to meet what we are attracting. It is important to be aware of signs, symbols, clues, hints and changes all around us. This is “Intuitive Energy”.
  5. EXPECTATION — This is a powerful force, an active form of intention with intensity. This is “Intuitive Knowing”.

In the end we must remember this: To never expect a thing we do not WANT, and never desire a thing we do not EXPECT. Intuition is the guidance system within us that assists in attracting all that which is in our highest and best good.

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