How to Use Intuition to Change Your Career – 7 Steps to Combining Logic and Intuition

“The Intuitive mind will tell the thinking mind where to look next!”
-Dr Jonas Salk

Our career is one of the most important decisions we make, yet many people complain about their jobs, not knowing what other choices they may have, or how to change the direction of their career path. The most empowering and practical tool we have within us is the ability to receive intuitive guidance. And the process involves linking it with our rational and emotional processes, then taking action based on our decision to follow that guidance.

Awareness of our intuition is the most exciting frontier we are experiencing in today’s changing world. Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine in the 1950s, in his groundbreaking discovery, used his intuitive nature to discover and create one of the most important discoveries in modern medicine. His career skyrocketed and we still benefit from his creative intuition to this day.

Today we are becoming more aware of our own intuitive energies and abilities as well as the intuition of others. Just as Dr. Salk did, we can also tap into our creative intuitive nature to further our own careers. We are finally beginning to recognize and acknowledge that our intuition can be a practical daily tool for insights and wisdom.

When we trust our intuition implicitly, we are able to by-pass otherwise normal limitations, cut through time and space, and gain unexpected insights and guidance. The intuitive process provides solutions that may not fit our expectations; however, with intuition, our present here-and-now bubble of experience expands into many possibilities, opportunities and a broad array of choices that we were previously unaware of.

Intuitive knowing is direct knowing without time consuming linear reasoning. Once we shift our perspective into the intuitive realm, a wide variety of exciting options open up to our awareness. The next step, after believing that we do have an intuitive nature, is learning how to access our own personal intuitive process. By learning how to get our intuition to work for us, we can get the job we want instead of the job we have! Imagine choosing from an almost infinite number of possibilities instead of being pigeonholed into the same old thing.

With intuition and logic working hand in hand, we can clearly see what is needed and do exactly what is required of us, thus rising to the occasion with inspiration and trust. Once we shift our perspective, we can use our intuition to move forward easily, quickly and joyfully — confident that our next career step will be the right one.

Intuition is about attaining crystal-clear perception and persisting in the search for a more elegant, more efficient, and more uplifting way of knowing. It is not the opposite of logic — it is a cyclical process, a comprehensive way of knowing that life includes both.

Here are 7 steps to combining logic and intuition for career guidance:

1. ISSUE: Intuitive clarity. Define and formulate your career question, such as “What other possibilities are available for me?”
2. CENTERING: Intuitive focus. Once you have your question, draw your energy back into yourself with an affirmation such as “I am open to receive the right information for my career.” Or a phrase that feels right to you such as “I feel joyful and relaxed as I receive career guidance.” Or try visualizing and imagining what would your new career choice will look like.
3. RECEPTIVITY: Intuitive feeling. You release your physical tension by closing your eyes, taking 3 deep breaths and becoming aware of how you feel and what you are sensing. Let your senses flow as you concentrate on your breathing. Ask yourself, “how do I feel about other possibilities?”
4. IMAGERY: Intuitive seeing. Be aware of any symbols, feelings, images, pictures, words, or colors that float into your awareness. They will be fleeting, but remember them without judgment. What do you “see” or imagine? These are your clues for action.
5. INTERPRETATION: Intuitive guidance. Combine what you feel, sense, see and notice. Using the method of association, question what these symbols mean for you. Which interpretation “feels” good? Which one makes you smile?
6. INCUBATION: Intuitive possibilities. Put your information aside and wait for your awareness to “cook” or develop into more meaning. Trust that more clarity will come.
7. IMPLEMENTATION: Intuitive action. Use the final intuitive hunch, feeling, or vision in combination with your clues to create the solution.

Remember, we are born to create and to use the details of our lives to motivate and fulfill us. Our inner guidance, or intuition, is the creative device to show us the way. Using our intuition, we can grasp the paradox that nothing is fixed and ordained, nor is it random and accidental. Once we have done that we have made the shift into truly living our mission. We begin to see that our life’s role, as well as our career, is to engage with life and to participate in it.
As Dr. Salk explained so clearly, “The Intuitive mind will tell the thinking mind where to look next!” And the result we can expect is a life full of satisfaction, accomplishment and enjoyment.

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