What is Karma? How do we change it?

Karma is often viewed as an Oriental concept that entails past lives in which good and bad actions result in good and bad luck. This is usually understood to mean that if I hurt someone in a past life, then I will have bad luck in this life.

However, karma is actually one’s consciousness. Our consciousness is a field that exudes a certain level of energy. This field tends to attract certain situations and opportunities and engender decisions that are typical of that level of consciousness. Thus it might be more accurate to say that karma is the result of one’s consciousness – which includes thoughts, decisions, actions, conditions and repercussions – all of which have far reaching interactions and consequences. Therefore, our thoughts have infinitely more impact than we realize.

The Basic Tenets of Karmic Law are:

  • Aspiration and desire become capacities.
  • Repeated thoughts become tendencies.
  • Will to perform become actions.
  • Painful experiences become conscience.

These may apply in positive or negative ways. Since we are influenced by our consciousness and our subconsciousness, karma becomes the programming that we have created in our current life.

Thus, karma represents the sum total of the causes one has set into motion in our current life. This action and reaction creates our patterns for this life. These patterns can be changed and rearranged purposely through preplanned deeds, acts and attitudinal changes.

We have free will and choices. Karma can work in one’s favor or against one, depending on the intent and also the attitude of the person.

Do you often wonder why you continue to create and attract the same situation and the same types of people over an over again? This is known as karmic debt, an experience one must go through to learn a lesson one did not learn, to compensate for something one should or should not have done, or to complete something left undone. Ultimately, and most importantly, karmic debt is for soul progression – perfection – into ascension.

Nations as well as individuals all have their karmic existence. In fact, this is a karmic Universe in which the Law of Attraction, which states that you attract that which you think about, is the major karmic learning tool. There is simply nothing that can happen without a reason – thus there is perfect order in the Universe, though it may not be clear to us due to our consciousness. The higher the energetic vibration, the clearer the reasons for occurrences, and the higher and stronger our field of karmic energy.

Because energy follows thought, one’s karma is inextricably bound with one’s thoughts. To change one’s karma, and to raise one’s consciousness – thus living with a higher energetic state of karma – there must be the dedication to become that which one wants to be or experience.

Because we are the essence of the Divine, this is a journey of that divine part of us to remember who we are. Karmically, we are all destined to rejoin our Source, the Divine Power of the Universe.

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  1. Sharon Nagle
    January 14, 2012 | 1:49 pm

    I am interested in a session to include past life regression. I received your name and site from A.R.E.

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