What is Medical Intuition?

Generally speaking, medical intuition is the utilization of a focused, intuitive (psychic) ability to feel, sense, or “intuitively see” the energetic and frequency information in and around the human body. The talent to use these intuitive skills can often be one of the psychic abilities one has been gifted with along with other psychic or intuitive skills. However, as psychic skills can be developed, medical intuition can also be studied and developed.  It can be honed through persistent practice – much like any other intuitive skill.

Medical Intuition is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses their intuition  to attempt to find the cause(s) of a physical or emotional condition. Making a formal medical diagnosis is not in the scope of practice for  Medical Intuitives. Medical intuitives do not diagnose, prescribes, cure a medical or emotional condition. They inform the client of the energetic situation within their physical and emotional body. Many times this will include the mental and spiritual aspects of the situation. They describe what it feels like and what it appears like to the client.

This form of intuition will often go backwards in time to find out the patient’s history and major life events that may be the basis for a current illness.

Remember, healing and curing are not the same thing: a cure occurs when the physical progression of an illness is controlled or stopped. But curing a physical illness does not always mean that the emotional/psychological stresses that contributed to the illness are diminished or “cured”.

A Medical Intuitive can help to find the underlying stresses so that they can be healed.

Medical intuition is another form of intuition, like psychometry or clairvoyance. But there is a higher ethical standard when practicing medical intuition, and the person studying and using medical intuition should have the highest sense of personal responsibility. Medical Intuitives work with the body’s intention to be healthy, and our energy field communicates these energy facts, even when the patient is verbally saying something completely different.

Medical intuitive practitioners often label the diseases they see by stating the symptoms. Those that are familiar with medical terminology may use the medical diagnosis. Many medical intuitives present information to the client in a way that is more holistic, and they often encourage the clients to be participants in their healing. When you turn your attention to your client, you can “read” their energy and their well-being. This may come to you in symbols or feelings or actual words. Sometimes the message can be very specific (“The heart is weak”) or you might sense the flow (or lack of flow) of energy in the body.

A Medical Intuition evaluation can provide invaluable information as to issues of the physical body, but can also identify mental and emotional factors that act as direct contributors to health issues. Medical Intuitives do not diagnose disease. Instead of labeling a disorder, a Medical Intuitive can identify the location of inflammation in the body, evaluate the health of a gland or organ or validate a strong emotion that is impacting health. Many times, a Medical Intuitive can identify imbalances within the body long before it fully manifests as disease

For true healing to occur, balance must be achieved not only within the physical body, but also in the mind and emotions. The issues that distort the flow of life force energy must be released. The fear that binds them must be overcome. It is only through knowing, on some level, where the energy has deviated and the strength and determination to work through these unresolved issues, that true healing will ever be achieved.

Medical intuitives are not medical doctors. However, many doctors may be intuitive. Medical Intuitives can, however, provide in-depth insights into one’s health and wellness by identifying potential physical conditions before they reach a dysfunctional state.

Having a session with a medical intuitive can provide one with the emotional and/or spiritual aspects of a dis-harmony within the body that can be the pivotal point towards health, healing and well being.

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"I have found only one intuitive counselor who is free of negative energies and embodies positives qualities. Marcella Zinner is pure of heart and sound of mind. Her ethics are unquestionable and her accuracy is uncanny.

She is funny, she is kind, she is practical and… she is gentle.

Her readings are full of love and free of ego. She is truly a gifted wise woman to whom I and many shall be eternally grateful."

Business Owner
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"My experience with Marcella was extraordinary, if that is the right word to use, because it was beyond that. Her intuitive reading was uncannily accurate and precise. It was as if she knew my entire life history.

The best part of all I did not have to say a word much of the time or answer a lot of questions. It was the most relaxing session I had encoun-tered. You can literally feel the love with her."
Writer in Florida

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"Marcella has obtained more positive results in my life for me than all other methods I have ever tried. I credit her with getting me out of depression and over overwhelm. Her intuitive and practical life experiences make her an outstanding life coach in coaching ones personal insights as well as giving one insight into the opposite sex and how we can better work together for a happier life.

I started out in deep depression and now have a life filled with happiness, love abundance and calm.

Marcella uses her skills to help you get away form the stressors of life and get you focused so you find a life of a higher purpose."

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"Marcella Zinner creates a space that is safe, loving, and honoring of my spirit. My spiritual growth goes through major spurts when I have sessions with Marcella. I seek Marcella for counsel for my health, my family, my business, past life regression, communication with my spirit guides, and growth, to name a few.

I trust her implicitly, not only because she is so accurate without me saying much, but because of her loving caring spirit that opens her arms to me and lets me know I can be everything I choose to be."
Acupuncture Physician, 

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"Dear Marcella,

You may not remember my husband and me from our visit this past May, but afterward I came away with such an uplifted feeling of hope and happiness that I am compelled to write to you and tell you thank-you.

 You were able to give my husband and myself the chance to talk with our son in spirit and in a manor of speaking – able to say goodbye, let go of the great sadness and to know that our son is in the rapture of angels.

I cannot tell you how much that has meant to us. You have helped us with understanding the loss and, for me; the ability to let go of my ever consuming guilt. 

Even though there are moments of sadness and grieving for all the “could have beens”, I know that he is indeed, in a truly good place ~ because of you.